Just Be You

pexels-photo-235941.jpegIn a world that is so judgmental and negative, being yourself can be a very hard thing to do.

To shine like no one is watching,
To love with an open heart.
To give yourself completely,
And set yourself apart.
To stand alone in your nakedness,
And risk parting from the norm.
To be yourself in this world we judge,
We’re told the right way is conform.
There would be no Rosa Parks,
Nelson Mandela, or Martin Luther King.
We would be living in a much different world,
One where fear resides, and NO love does bring.
You can hide for only so long,
The inner you will cry out.
To share what only you can share,
To be yourself… without fear or doubt.
So be who you were meant to be,
You have the key within you.
Show up with love and light,
The world needs what only YOU can do.

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