Be Present

I just finished watching a series of videos by Eckhart Tolle about Practicing Presence.  Extraordinary concept yet so very simple.  Our minds wander so much during the day and that little voice inside our head takes us on these ‘side trips’ out of the present moment. It’s the constant chatter in our heads that wants to take over and remind us of our self, our ego, our judgement, our worry.  Or… every detail that is not important. All that is really important is THIS very moment.  That is all there is.  What happened in the past was a present moment at that time and no longer exists. What will happen in the future does not exist yet so it is just our mind trying to conceptualize a future moment.

Being present in the moment is about observing what is around you without any judgement or self talk.  That is why meditation is SO useful.  It is the practice of being present.  Every time you meditate you get a little bit better at being present.  I believe it is our souls connection to each others soul.  Our soul takes over instead of our mind.  If we just practiced a little consciousness, being truly present at THIS moment, I believe there would be a shift in energy on this Earth.  I shift toward positive energy and light.  Instead of the negative energy and chatter our mind tries to pull us into.

I have a close friend that does this with her daughter.  She is always present when she is with her.  Even though I do not know what her mind may be telling her, it seems to me she is only focused on her daughter and enjoying that precise moment with her.  As if their souls are connected as one.

As I was writing this I looked up from my computer and took notice of the pink cotton candy like clouds of the morning sunrise.  The birds singing their sweet songs of the new day.  The aroma of freshly brewed coffee.  The subtle breath of my pup lying curled up next to me. I felt a peacefulness within me.  A deep presence of just being in the moment.
Today, try to pause at times and be in the moment.  Be present.  Notice what is around you with your senses instead of hearing your mind.  You may just feel that peacefulness within, that connection to your soul, the love that is YOU.

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