What Matters Most

Today’s world can be very confusing
Especially for the younger ones
Be careful of the thoughts you’re choosing
Because what you think, usually comes.

There is a time in life you’ll find
When everything seems to come undone
Friends and others may seem unkind
And the days seem no longer fun.

It’s easy to think I’m not good enough,
Why me, or feel like you’re small
But that’s the time you need to stand tough
Conquer your mind, and you’ll climb that wall.

If we think from love, instead of fear
Then others can grow from our seeds
If we open up for all to hear
We can be the change the world needs

What matters most is what’s inside
It’s what you think that changes you
That part of you that wants to hide
Change your thoughts and you’ll feel new.

Life is not what happens to you
It’s what you create with your thinking
So be who you dare to be and do what you dare to do
There will be no mistaking.

Taking the negative and making it positive
Making a difference by being you
We can show others how to truly live
By shining your light and being what’s trueThink Positive...Think with Love

We are on this planet to love and grow
Not to live in fear and hate
Changing others with the seeds we sow
A world of Love is what we will create

So change your thoughts and be the lead
With gratitude we thank the heavens above
To be the light that others need
For what matters most is to be filled with LOVE.

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